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Part of the industry’s most complete line of fiber optic cleaning products; There are three reasons these fiber cleaning tools deliver clean fiber so consistently First, the high-purity cleaning ribbon has a long “throw” which means the tools deliver perfect cleanings with just one click, so you really get 400 clean connectors. We offer a variety of items including cable fiber access tools, tool kits, polishing film, cleaning accessories, and replacement peices for previously purchased tool kits Field Fusion Splicing Equipment As a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujikura, AFL is the exclusive supplier of Fujikura fusion splicer products in North America. Fiber cables transmit pulses of light instead of electrical signals, so the terminations must be much more precise. Maximize efficiency in the field with fiber optic tools like: fusion splicers, cleavers, strippers, and cleaners. This Fiber Optic Stripper strips the 1. And to operate multimode fibers at 1310nm is also commonly done now. This fiber optic stripper features the following: Strips the 1. Fiber optic security concerns have become increasingly relevant as more intrusions and data theft incidents are reported each year. Test fiber optic tool is used to inspection the fiber optic equipment during the production or for trouble Fiber Optic Testers Fiber Optic Testing. com. 6-3 mm fiber jacket, 600-900 micron buffer coating, and 250 micron cable down to expose the 125 micron glass fiber; First hole strips the fiber jacket down to the micron buffer Fiber optic cabling requires regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure proper passage of light. $56. 7 out of 5 stars 3. Some uses of fiber optic cables include: Medical Used as light guides, imaging tools and also as lasers for surgeries Defense/Government Used as hydrophones for seismic and SONAR uses, as wiring in aircraft, submarines and other vehicles and also for field As experts in fiber optic technology, our customers often turn to us when they need fiber related products. there is no safety concern because there is no electricity in the fiber optic cable. Testers are always helpful for troubleshooting. Fiber Optic Tools, test equipment and patch panels at economical prices. There are basically two types of M85045 fiber optic cable used by the Warfighter. OFS fiber optic Tools & Tool Kits including Core Tube Entry Tools, EZ Tool Kits, EZ Consumable Kits ,Epoxy Tool Kits, Epoxy Consumable Kits, Individual Tools, and Miscellaneous Consumable Kits. Our fiber-optic cables can be used with quartz halogen, metal halide, or Xenon light sources. SC vs LC: what’s the difference and which one is better? Fiber Optic Snoot!: In underwater photography light is very important, often the small flashes found on point and shoot cameras are not sufficient. Tools and Equipment Hydraulic compressors are used for applying compression fittings to aluminum conductors and steel and/or alumoweld overhead ground wire. Our selection of fiber optic tools and equipment includes fiber optic cleavers, fusion splicers, fiber strippers, and all in one kits that have everything you need to perform terminations. So in order for this to happen, you must use a cleaving tool called fiber optic cleaver. Fiber Optic Tools. Fiber Optic termination kits are an important item for any optic cable installer. The Fiber Optic Marketplace, LLC (dba FiberOptic. 4 www. Epoxy Termination Kits & Tools High-quality fiber optic tool kits and tools for terminations in the field as well as in the lab. SideWinder Fiber Optic Puller - Products for the telecommunications, power utility and cable television industries, and the contractors who serve them. Graybar is your trusted distributor for Tools, Testing and Measuring. Low cost fiber optic hand tools, and kits for fiber optic testing, fiber optic connectors and more. Choose from an array of accessories for your next fiber optic installation. Endglow and Sideglow cables. We currently stock Fibrlok Mechanical Splicing Kit from 3M and the Miller Fiber Optic Cleaver. Fiber Optic Cable Blowers capable of handling duct up to 2" nominal with cable sizes up to 1. OFS provides an assortment of fiber optic cable tools. Investing in quality fiber optic tools can save headaches and additional labor hours later on. 0801-8510 M83526, US Marine Corps, TFOCA Fiber Optic Termination Kit Contains 23 different tools commonly used in the installation, splicing and terminating of optical fiber cable and is enclosed in one compact lockable brief. 2 Fiber optics have been used in dentistry for adjunctive illumination of other devices such as handpieces and ultrasonic scalers, as well as attached to magnifying loupes. So when security could be a problem in the connection, using fiber SFP is better than RJ45 port. It is composed of a fiber optic cable terminated with different connectors on the ends. Fiber optic light guides are sometimes called fiber optic light pipes (fiber optic lightpipes). 2. VIEW SDS Datacom Splice Enclosure. Specialized Products stocks fiber optic test and inspection tools and test equipment Fiber Optic Test Equipment, Tools & Cleaning | Specialized Products JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. A Verified CN Gold Supplier on Alibaba. These sensors are used to sense some quantities like temperature, pressure, vibrations, displacements, rotations or concentration of chemical species. With just a phone call or an email, you can be in touch with a team of trained information specialists and technical experts that are ready to answer your questions and provide you with the information you need. The Light Painting Brushes black fiber optic is only illuminated at the very ends of the strands, no light bleed! When testing the transmission equipment, fiber optic loopback device is often used as the testing tool. Despite its reputation as a highly accurate measurement device, the OTDR is only one part of a comprehensive strategy for testing fiber links in the premises. Look up cable count, reverse cable count, custom start fiber, straight sheath count or search by inverse color code with an expanding chart of fibers from a single screen. Instead of merely allowing pins to make metal-to-metal contact, fiber optic connectors must align mic Fluke Networks’ Fiber Optic Cleaning Kits contains the best fiber optic cleaning tools and products to effectively remove the toughest contaminants in any fiber network. 1988: The first transatlantic fiber-optic telephone cable, TAT8, was laid between the United States, France, and the UK. They are used to connect switches or network devices in fibre networks directly or interconnect structured cabling systems in a fibre network. Fiber optic connector pictures display. Let us get you what  Looking for a used fiber cleaver? You came to the right place! eFiberTools deals in used cl. OFS tools 1050A, 1050D and 1050E work on a single core tube size. A fiber inspection scope is used to examine the polished end of a terminated fiber. Intended Use: This device is designed to illuminate a surgical site by relaying light from a fiber-optic light source onto the desired site. They perform two complementary tasks related to cable installation and repair. Such testing is commonplace for new installations of fiber optic cabling to ensure all installed cable lengths and connectors are functioning properly. As fiber optic technology continues to revolutionize the telecommunication and data capabilities of a range of industries, the average individual may not understand the advantages that fiber optic technology provides for us in our everyday life. <p dir="ltr">SIECOR FIBER OPTIC KIT WITH UV LIGHT, CAM SPLICE, crimp and lots of TOOLS . Sun Telecom has over 30 years of experience in providing fiber optic solutions and products for Telecom, Cable Television and Broadcast, Surveillance and Monitoring, Data Communication, Industrial Control, Intelligent Manufacturing and Laser Industry, etc Specialized fiber optic cable solutions for cutoff single mode fibers, specific numerical apertures, graded index fibers, coreless fibers with biocompatible coating and cladding materials. With 6 precision grooves to handle various cable sizes, the sleek ergonomic design allows you to open a fiber jacket or buffer tube without damaging the OTDR Launch Cable Box OTDR Dead Designed to aid in the testing of fiber optic cable when using an OTDR. The surge of fiber networks requires new software tools for the design and management of fiber network infrastructure. In addition to analyzers and power measurement devices, optical sources that can be readout with the help of monitors are also used. Certainly, more unknown areas of fiber optic transmission are still being explored, but that’s another story. Internet. Industry Leading Fiber Optic Tools. ( accepts  Some uses of fiber optic cables include: Medical Used as light guides, imaging tools and also as lasers for surgeries; Defense/Government Used as  A device used to measure power loss in fiber optic connectors, cables, or systems. 1 mm for plastic. Corning Cable Prep Tools are included in the TKT-FIBERTECH-PRO kit and the Fusion Splice Tool Kit. get it while you can. Single-Mode Fiber Optic: A single-mode fiber optic connection is used for longer cable runs due to the fact that it only allows for a single stream of data flow. As an alternative tool to optical connectors, a fusion splicer is used to splice or put together a pair of optic fibers using applied heat technology. Broadband is essential to the modern world we live in. Fiber Optic Tutorial presented by LANshack. The single stream of data is transmitted - This Fiber Optic Stripper strips the 2-3 mm fiber jacket down to the 900 micron buffer coating. Then FOA shows you a new type of fiber stripper, the Description: [Fiber Optic Splice] This NAVSEA Drawing defines the tools that comprise the kit for terminating (placing) a rotary mechanical splice on the ends of a fiber optic cable. Installing new fiber-optic service in the Triassic Basic soils of the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina could be accomplished by means of traditional horizontal directional drilling (HDD. Mouser is an authorized distributor for many fiber optic connector manufacturers including Amphenol, Broadcom, CONEC, Glenair, Molex, Neutrik, Radiall, TE Connectivity & more. When it comes to Fiber Optic Cable Testing Instruments, Grainger's got your back. Microscopes and/or interferometers are used in the analysis of fiber end surfaces. Fiber Optic Tools & Test Equipment For decades, fiber optics have been inspected and cleaned to ensure the proper passage of light. We also carry FO Connectors, Light Bulbs, Color Wheels, Tools & Kits for all your learning and project needs. A longtime concern in fiber optic end-face inspection is the subjective and inconsistent process in determining cleanliness. The Quiktron product line features fiber optic cabling and hardware products including single mode and multimode fiber patch cables of 62. A fiber optic cable is less susceptible to interference. Tools used for preparing fiber optic ribbon cable. Transparent glass or plastic fibers which allow light to be guided from one end to the other with minimal loss. com) is the #1 online provider of fiber optic products, training, rentals and asset management software. When you are laying fiber optic cable, you need to have all the right tools in place if you expect to do a quality job and to have it done in the shortest amount of time possible. Cleaver Blades. Used for permanent splicing. Fiber Optic Center, founded in New Bedford, MA, USA, in “the city that lit the world”, continues the new traditions of lighting the world, through both its global business footprint and community involvement and support. With our expertise you will find the best matching products easily. The single mode fiber optic cable, sometimes called a single-mode fiber cable, is shown in Figure 1. Long Cable quantity To conform to the many specifications of fiber optic cable available, and to offer more cable pulling capabilities, Condux offers several sizes of capstans that fit the Condux Fiber Optic Cable Puller. Huge Selection Of Fiber Optic Duplex, Simplex, MPO/MTP, Pigtail, Mode Conditioning, Custom, Loopback Cables, Adapters, Connectors, Couplers And More! Fiber Optic Equipment. ) But there is a faster, more cost-effective method: use of small pneumatic percussion earth-piercing tools in a method known as stitch boring. Fiber Optic patch cords using single mode 9/125um fiber are used for high speed and long distance applications. we will discuss several connection methods and tools used with optical fiber. It is a preferred solution when an available fiber cable is not sufficiently long for the required run. Hot Melt Kits Hot Melt Termination Kits contain all the materials necessary to terminate 3M, SC, ST, and FC Hot Melt and Ultra High Temp Hot Melt Connectors. Farm equipment displayed on dealers’ lots can also be protected. Since optical data can be carried by employing different physical dimensions, such as time, frequency, space, polarity, etc. With each fiber acting as an independent pixel, coherent fiber bundles transmit more information than just a 2D representation of an image; specifically, the spatial light field faithfully encodes 3D stereo data. From test equipment and splicers to cable assemblies, consumables, and tools – we have what you need. These fiber optic patch cords can be used for cross connections adding flexibility within your network. Click here to see our Fiber Splicing Kit and let us help you find the right tools for all your fiber optic needs. Fiber Optic Installation Tools at TWAcomm. Our high quality but affordable fiber optic cable testers and test equipment is designed to be rugged and portable for everyday field use and highly accurate to ensure the best result possible in the quickest time. The scope illuminates and magnifies the fiber tip so scratches and other defects can be seen. The tools on this page are primarily used for inspecting fiber optic ends and other optics. Fiber optics cabling is the core of today's datacom networks. Due to its installation environment, the design of aerial fiber optic cable must consider to protect it from the destruction of the nature and man-made damage or theft. It is important that every fiber connector be inspected and cleaned prior to mating. Miller. Optical fibers are used most often as a means to transmit light between the two ends of the fiber and find wide usage in fiber-optic communications, where they permit transmission over longer distances and at higher bandwidths (data rates) than electrical A fiber-optic cable, also known as an optical-fiber cable, is an assembly similar to an electrical cable, but containing one or more optical fibers that are used to carry light. Fiber Instrument Sales - Fiber Optic Experts. It is known as the routing of electronic signals, digital data streams, or flows of items back to their source without intentional processing or modification. For details you can see the wikipedea articles(link: Optical fiber). I'm curious to know what the price of used fiber goes for. Fusion splicers and cleavers are two important tools used by fiber splicer technicians and other cable professionals. Fiber optic cables are designed to carry light from point to point by internally reflecting said light along their length. They are compatible with virtually all endoscopes, medical instruments, and microscopes. We supply all the necessary equipment, including fiber optic termination tools at competitive prices. So the building of a company I work for used to belong to an ISP. Fiber Optic Used Test Equipment The only online shop specialized in fiber optic used scientific equipements AssetRelay is the Internet one-stop shop for all your fiber optic test equipment and measurement needs. Established in 1982 and celebrating its 37th year as an industry leader, Multicom, Inc. 4. And the resulting joint, or fusion splice, permanently joins the two glass fiber end to end so that optical light can pass from one fiber into the other with very little loss. 02 Methods used for placing fiber optic cables in ducts are essentially the same as those used for placing copper cable. The following contains information on the placement of fiber optic cables in various indoor and outdoor environments. These tools are used for preparing fiber optic cables,  The most basic tools used are wipes and swabs used to clean patch cords and inside ports, respectively. Reliability is also a key factor in transmission. com your trusted online store for the best prices available online on fiber optics. Sometimes it is used for lighting, when it is convenient to have the light bulb someplace other than where the light needs to be. Fiber Optic Cable Tools. Confused by your internet options? Learn the difference between DSL, cable and fiber-optic internet service and how to decide which is best for you. As fiber optics Essential Tools for the Fiber Optic Technician – First Response Introduction When the fiber optic technician is tasked with troubleshooting a fiber link that is not operational, they need the basic tools to quickly isolate and identify the problem. Simplex fiber optic cables provide the strength and flexibility required for today's fiber interconnect . A broad range of Telecommunications Equipment: Fiber Optic resources are compiled in this industrial portal which provides information on manufacturers, distributors and service companies in the Telecommunications Equipment: Fiber Optic industry. There are two methods of fiber optic splicing, fusion splicing  A cleave in an optical fiber is a deliberate, controlled break, intended to create a perfectly flat This tool is used with the "scratch and pull" technique. Save on used fiber optic light power meters  TK-FTB-1 OTDR Kit: 1310/1550nm · PRO-790 Handheld FTTH FSM-18S Fusion Splicer Kit · FSM-18S Fusion PRO-790 Core Alignment Splicer (USED)   For decades, fiber optics have been inspected and cleaned to ensure the proper passage of light. 2018: According to TeleGeography, there are currently around 450 fiber-optic submarine cables (carrying communications under the world's oceans), stretching a total of 1. You can search the list using the alphabetical index. 7 out of 5 stars 5. g. They are used to measure fiber length and overall optical attenuation within a circuit. At depth colors can look washed out and blue, to combat this problem off-camera strobes are commonly used. IEC 61300-3-35 standard categorizes the defects into two groups (scratches and defects). At the FOA, we're mainly concerned with communications fiber optics - telco, CATV, LAN, industrial, etc. Fiber Optic & Networking Connector Guides What are Fiber & Networking Connectors? Fiber optic connectors are unique. Preset at the factory so no adjustments are  On the other hand, lasers are used for singlemode fiber applications. . Typical splicing fiber optic tools include fiber optic cleaver, fusion splice, fiber splice protection sleeves, heat oven etc. Related Article: Our Ethernet cable tools make installations quick and easy, while our fiber optic cable-cutting tools will make short work of the biggest jobs. From small size break-out cable to 3mm cable, it provides a quick, easy, reliable and clean cutting. Cleaning Products. Fiber Optic Connectors Fiber Optic Connectors. We are distributors of Aerial equipment, cable fiber optics, fiber test equipment, fiber optic parts, network testing equipment and more. Zoostliss Fiber Cleaver SKL-6C Cable Cutting Knife FTTT Fiber Optic Knife Tools Cutter High Precision Fiber Cleavers 16 Surface Blade. Easy online ordering and next-day delivery available with 24/7 expert product support. FiberWatch ® Service interrogators are industry leading surface systems that utlizes temperature and acoutic results to monitor and track fluid movement along a wellbore and between wells. The Rigid Chase rear facing LED light adds safety and functionality to any UTV, rail, buggy, Jeep, or other off-road application Optical Fiber Processing. com offers 299 used fiber optic tools products. We sell many types of equipment, hardware, and tools needed in the field. fiberoptichina. Fiber Optic Interrogators & Software. Easy polarity reversal: Polarity changes can be made in the field quickly, without the use of tools, to the correct fibre mapping polarity. com is the number one online seller of fiber optic products, training and rental equipment. Properly clean fiber optic adapters and connectors using these products to eliminate dust, dirt, oil, moisture with a static free system that can be used for connectors and adapters. com is the perfect choice for those who are searching for low-cost, high quality fiber optic equipment, such as OTDR,fusion splicer, handheld fiber optic test meter,bench-top test station, FTTH tool kit and other consuming accessories. As the components like fiber, connectors, splices, LED or laser sources, detectors and receivers are being developed, testing confirms their performance specifications and helps understand how they will work together. AFL offers the most complete line of portable hydraulic compressors in the industry: 12, 30, 45, 60, 65, 100 and 150 ton. This technology is therefore widely used in internet cables. However, according to the custom in the industry, 850nm over multimode fiber and 1310nm or 1550nm over single-mode fiber are still the mainstream. It uses fiber-optic technology to reach the fastest speeds available today, as fast as 10000 Mbps (1Gpbs). Universal Black Fiber Optic LED 3rd Brake Light by Rigid Industries®, 1 Piece. 99 Visual Fault Locator (VFL) Tools & Tool Kits. Any ideas on if it's possible to sell this, and how much it might be worth? OSP Fiber Optic Installation All fiber optic applications are not the same. As compared to traditional copper wires, fiber optic cables are less bulky, lighter, more flexible, and carry more data. There's several thousand feet of this stuff. Visit CableOrganizer. Fiber Optic Lab Equipment. Hand Tools. Whether it is fiber optic cables used to transmit long-distance signals, or connectors to join electrical terminations or crimp tools to co-join metals, our products are the best and also easy to use. Fiber optic/ termination tool kit (mesa) Sold at 475 $ Hello i have one of the top-of-the-line kitco fiber optic / termination tool kits. However, fiber optic cable is a high capacity transmission medium which can have its transmission characteristics degraded when subjected to excessive pulling force, sharp bends, and crushing forces. As one of the common outdoor fiber optic cables, aerial fiber optic cable is suspended from poles, pylons or mounted on buildings. Students gain practical, hands-on-experience using a wide variety of tools. PCF fiber optics to enhance our existing broad range of fiber optic cables and to allow you to select the best transmission medium for your application. But with your own fiber optic filament, tulle, and LEDs, you can create your own in any shape for a fraction of the p Fiber optic color code is a searchable expanding chart that translates the color code of Loose Tube and Ribbon fiber optic cables including Ribbon in Loose Tube cable types. Use our all-weather plastic component parts and LightGard Fiber Optic Security and Alarm Systems to protect your valuable tools and equipment, including explosives, valve monitoring devices, manhole covers, and more. View as Grid List Fiber Optic Splicing Tools. We mainly supply 3 general type of transceivers, one is pluggable transceivers including GBIC, SFP, SFP plus, XFP, Xenpak and X2, the other is fiber-Ethernet converters which are used for 100base and 1000Base Ethernet. Call (609) 395-1966 for Pricing. FS. 1. COM offers a range of cable tools, such as cable stripper, cable slitter, cable cutter for fiber or copper cables High quality fiber strippers, fiber cleavers, cable slitters, mid-access tools, cable pulling tools and more from 3M, Corning, Ripley Tools, Greenlee, Paladin Tools and more. Fiber Optic Illumination is used to provide intense, cool illumination for a number of optical or imaging applications. Condux International has been manufacturing cable installation tools and equipment for over 30 years. of your fiber. Almost as critical to the equipment used to manufacture fiber optic assemblies are the tools used to test and inspect. Measurements calculate total loss including splices and mated connectors. both are adjustable from a steady red laser light, fast blinking red laser light, and a slow blinking level. Fujikura is the world’s best-selling brand of fusion splicers, known for their ruggedness and reliability. Fiber Optic Illumination often consists of fiber optic illuminators integrated with one or more light guides that direct illumination towards a specific application. the case it's in cost 250 alone Tools, test equipment and supplies will be needed to install fiber optics Tools needed to learn the skills necessary to install fiber optics Guidelines for using and caring for tools and equipment How to use tools safely Practice with basic fiber optic tools Introduction Fiber Optic Testing Testing is used to evaluate the performance of fiber optic components, cable plants and systems. Celebrating over 20 Years of Innovation. Fiber Optic Tools and Consumables Lapping Film, Polishing Film, and metal Bond Discs. Working directly with the electrical contracting, electrical utility, telecom and CATV industries, Condux offers the highest quality tools, engineered to reduce installation time and increase safety. Learn all about fiber testing including testing fiber for optical loss and optical An Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) can also be used to test fiber  COM offers a range of fiber testers & tools, such as testers, cable cutting tools, splicing tools, cleaning tools, polishing tools for fiber or copper cables network. Fiber optic cables find many uses in a wide variety of industries and applications. Our modular (interchangeable) non-contact fiber optic sensors systems have dual channel that enables the user to make simultaneous measurements. Fiber optic networks depend upon fragile components which must be installed and maintained properly in order to perform. Cleavers. If you don't see what you are looking for, one of our product experts is just a click away. Looking for refurbished or used Fiber Fusion Splicer Equipment? 3SAE is the sole 3SAE Fiber Optic Technoligies and Splicing The FK12 is the tool of choice when quick fiber termination and low return loss are required for minimum cost. 3 mm diameter. A wide variety of used fiber optic tools options are available to you, such as material. , Ltd. If unsure about any fiber please call us and ask to speek to a tech. - The third hole is used to strip the 250 micron cable down to the glass fiber without nicks or scratches. Top quality fiber optic equipment at deep discounts… Used, Refurbished and New-Surplus Fiber Optic Splicing Equipment, Fiber Testing Equipment, Fiber Connector Polishing Equipment and much more. In addition to cable pushers, you should also consider getting a fiber optic cable puller. Some of the fiber-optic tools are used for installation and others are used for repair projects. Fiber patch cables with a wide variety of fiber optic connector. FIS is the leader in fiber optic Tool Kits. Different measurement devices are used to test optical fibers. GAOTek Inc. Fiber Optic Connectors are in stock with same-day shipping at Mouser Electronics from industry leading manufacturers. Our experienced team of project managers, sales representatives and product developers are standing by to help you with your next fiber optic or networking project. Solar fiber optic setups allow you to capture sunlight, transmit it inside, and emit it in your home or business. ProLux LED Illuminator sets the standard for the new generation of LED Fiber Optic Illuminators. A well made connector will have a smooth , polished, scratch free finish and the fiber will not show any signs of cracks, chips or areas where the fiber is either protruding from the end of the ferrule or pulling back Amphenol Fiber Systems International designed and developed Fiber Optic Termination Kits & Tools for Army, Marines, Navy, industrial and broadcast. Great for use in portrait photography to create wispy light streaks. Over 50 years ago, the combined benefits of ultra-transparent glass fibers, digital signaling and laser optics were realized, and a new era of communications technology was ushered in. 5/125, 50/125, and 9/125, and fiber distribution products used in high tech networking. “These components—The Pole Mount Spindle, the Reel Buck, and the Reel Caddy—are uniquely engineered to make fiber-optic cable installation safer and more productive,” the company said. Specific cables considered include unshielded twisted pair (UTP), shielded twisted pair (STP), coaxial, and fiber optic cable. 6-3 mm fiber jacket down to the 600-900 micron buffer Fiber to the Home (FTTH) is becoming increasingly more common as bandwidth usage is exploding. This document describes how to install and rack-mount a Cisco fiber optic breakout panel. Fiber Optic monitoring services include a portfolio of distributed and point sensors used to evaluate wellbores from unconventional and mature field markets to heavy oil thermal and deepwater environments. Results 1 - 25 of 622 <p dir="ltr">Lot Of 2 Fiber Optic Cable Tools, Clauss "NO-NIK" Strippers, Crimplok 6955C<br> Used some rust present <br> Please see  Precision Fiber Products is featuring a full line of Fiber Optic, Electrical, DataCom & TeleCom Tools & Equipment. These high-end cables are used for very high-speed data transmission and require special care. Best in class products for telecommunication equipment, cable, fiber optic supplies, service and rental Minneapolis MN San Antonio TX Fiber-optic sensors may also be operated in nearly any gaseous or liquid media. Find all the fiber optic products you need for setting up, testing and maintaining a fiber optic network. is a manufacturer and full-line stocking distributor for end-to-end integration of communication solutions. These tools and equipment are provided by  Fiber optic installation and maintenance tools such as fiber optic crimpers, cable strippers and fiber cleavers are available from Specialized Products. With our fiber testers, you can find the tools to help you accurately measure power loss and pinpoint problems, locate fiber breaks and bend losses, measure cable length and integrity, as well as peaks and valleys in light frequencies, and much more. The Jonard Tools patented and award-winning MS-6 Mid Span Slitter is designed to open fiber jackets and provide easy access to optical fibers in loose buffer tubes with 1. This is sometimes used in signs and art for special effects. Besides, fiber optic splicing is designed to restore fiber optic cables. FIS is a manufacturer and full-line distributor of communication fiber optics; test equipment, connectors, cable and cable assemblies, tools and tool kits, fiber optic consumable products, Category 5e and 6 cabling products, active network equipment, and fiber optic security systems and components. Convenient fiber optic cleaning kits include all the  Sopto fiber optic tools are various types used in the fiber optic installation and maintenance works. Individual fibers are grouped together to form a fiber optic bundle. Pure fiber optics (POF – polymer optical fiber) and plastic-coated glass fiber Cables used in a computer network are discussed. The Corning Optical Fiber Information Center (COFIC) is the most extensive fiber optic information resource in the world. These testers come in four different power levels. Fiber Optic Tools Buy Fiber Optic Strippers, Kevlar Cutters, Scribes, Slitters, Cleavers and Fiber Optic Termination Kits online directly from the Fibertronics website with same day shipping. Fiber optic tools are used to work with glass fiber optic cable. NT1310 Final study guide by megan_richmond includes 50 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more. Harnessing the power of the industry’s highest performing high-output LED’s, the ProLux LED is as bright or brighter than traditional illuminators, making it a viable alternative to existing halogen technology. The high number of fiber-optics provides the physician with a much brighter light and allows for more color to be seen than with an endoscope that uses a traditional filament lamp. The breakout panel is an enclosure used to protect and manage fiber optic cables on the Cisco NCS 6000 Series or Cisco ASR 9000 Series Routers. The Fiber Optic Connector and Splicing Module was designed to be used as a supplement for the Industrial Fiber Optics Fiber Optic Demonstration System, although it can be used separately. Because light can travel for much longer distances over a fiber cable without losing its strength, the need for signal boosters is lessened. Fiber optic patch cables are used in two major application areas: computer work station to outlet and patch panels or optical cross connect distribution center. Regardless of environment or mounting style, KEYENCE Fiber Optics can be used anywhere. Furthermore, fiber cables are used in development, research and testing across all the aforementioned applications. Fiber Acceptance Test Kit Optic fibres are used in communication, especially for high speed data transfer. Buy online or call 877-389-0000 toll-free for help. Fiber Cable Slitters Fiber Cleaver FTTH Fiber Optic Tools High Precision SKL-6C Cable Cutting Fiber Optic Knife Tools Fiber Cleavers 16 Surface Blade. Designed for maximum protection of up to 18 fiber optic splices. About 69% of these are Fiber Optic Equipment. We offer the highest quality tools from top brands such as IDEAL, Jonard Tools, Miller, Micro Electronics and Greenlee Communications. This is sometimes used for decoration, like fiber-optic Christmas trees. It represents the knowledge gained from over 25 years experience in fiber Condux International has been manufacturing cable installation tools and equipment for over 30 years. When choosing GAOTek as your technology provider you gain the benefit of our experience. Basic guidelines that can be applied to any type of cable installation are as follows: These fibers are also used to carry light for humans to see. Fiber Optic Sensors offer a compact and versatile solution for presence/absence detection. In case they are accidentally broken. Pulling radius of 26" (660 mm); 13 aluminum rollers on bronze bearings allow cable to make a gradual 90° turn for easy pulling through manhole opening. The course is updated continually, providing students with the most up-to-date tools and techniques currently in use within the fiber optics industry. The OFS 1050 Series of Core Tube Entry Tools combine the ring cutting and slitting functions into one tool. The fiber optic sensors also called as optical fiber sensors use optical fiber or sensing element. First the  The PRO-TK-HANDTOOL has the most commonly used tools for fiber optic installation, repairs or termination, conveniently stored in a durable Go-Kit canvas   Sumitomo manufactures fusion splicers, cleavers & tools for virtually every When it comes to optical fiber fusion splicers, no other company in the world can   23 results The Fiber Optic Stripper is used for stripping 250 micron buffer coating from 125 micron optical fiber. Used for absolute and relative power measurements. There are two types of breakout panels, singlemode (SM) and multimode (MM) as described below. best money spent. Visual Fault locators are used in fiber optic cable testing. Condition is Used<br> This came from local school district looks to have little use comes with lots of tools crimp cutter aligner camlight bench tool light fiber cable ends lots i dont know what it all has not to used to splicing so please look at pics Thank u jess3 </p> Used, Refurbished & New-Surplus Fiber Optic Equipment. • Calculate the power budget for a fiber optic system • Calculate the bandwidth of a fiber optic system • Describe the operation and applications of the various types of fiber optic couplers • Describe the operation and applications of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) • Describe the operation and applications of laser diodes (LDs) Fiber Optic Sensors. - The second hole strips the 900 micron buffer coating down to the 250 micron coating. Quizlet flashcards, activities and games help you improve your grades. Miller Cable Tools are suitable for the Fiber Optics, Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunications industries – tools to strip, core, cut, crimp and slit fiber optic cables to allow splicing and termination of cable. 7 million miles). Besides, FS uniboot fibre patch cable has the following highlights. FTTH). com offering a wide selection of fiber optic installation tools. The Fiber Optic Demonstration System has been sold in glass and plastic versions by Industrial Fiber Optics (IF-DS100G & IF-DS100P) and in a plastic version Fiber Optics; Fiber-optic Components: Fiber-optic bundles provide 3D stereo imaging. Fiber Optic FTTH Tool Kit takes with most of the tester you need. You can choose between the easy-to-use Quick Clean Cleaners, the convenient cleaning cube/card and the best optic solvent pen to clean both patch cords and fiber end faces IDEAL “Fiber Optic Basic Training” Guide Interested in learning about fiber optics? Want to see what’s the latest in technology, components and applications? This “Fiber Optic Basic Training” Guide has been designed to get you started and keep you up to date. The JIC-375 Fiber Optic Stripper Three Hole performs all common fiber stripping functions. There are three types of fiber optic cable commonly used: single mode, multimode and plastic optical fiber (POF). An optical fiber is a flexible, transparent fiber made by drawing glass or plastic to a diameter slightly thicker than that of a human hair. The tools used in the kits are thoughtfully assem- These fiber optic testers are referred to as OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer). Testing your fiber optic installation involves a whole separate set of issues than copper wiring. In general, fiber optic cable can be installed with many of the same techniques used with conventional copper cables. Precision Fiber Products is featuring a full line of Fiber Optic, Electrical, DataCom & TeleCom Tools & Equipment. They can make wiring jobs faster and easier. We have in-stock the most popular test equipment manufacturers such as Agilent, Anritsu, Yokogawa, Ando, JDSU. QUIKTRON FIBER OPTIC SOLUTIONS. A fiber optic patch cord is a fiber optic cable capped at either end with connectors that allow it to be rapidly and conveniently connected to CATV, an optical switch or other telecommunication equipment. , but fiber optics are also used in medical or nondestructive testing inspection and lighting. Tools used in this kit are only compatible with the MIL-C-24623/4 rotary mechanical splice and not other types of mechanical splices. they can be cleaners or safety tools to complete tool kits for fusion splicing The Gruber family of Fiber Optic Polishing and Termination devices contain the latest state-of-the-art tools and consumables. The suitability of each type for a particular application depends on the fiber optic cable’s characteristics. Fiber-optic tools are instruments used by technicians in the telecommunication industry to work on to fiber-optic cables and equipment. Fiber pigtails are used in fiber optic termination and inside cable management units, we also have a wide range of FTTX products, including the FTTH (fiber to the home) cables, FTTA (fiber to the antenna) cables, joint closures, splice closures, patch panels, ODF, fiber distribution units, terminal boxes, faceplates, adapters, connectors, attenuators and various kinds of Start studying Fiber Optic Testing Practice Test. Fiber Buffer Stripping Tools: Used to Remove the Buffer from an Optical Fiber, for Ø80 to Ø1550 μm Clad FibersFurcation Stripping Tools: Used to Remove the Fiber Condux Quadrant Block 3" 08539350/R (Currently Out of Stock) Protects fiber optic cable during installation. com Plastics are attracting increasing attention as a means to transmit information. Optical fiber is the predominant media type for mission-critical datacenter links, backbone within buildings, and longer distances for campus networks. Home; The right tools for accurate fiber-optic testing. Light Painting Brushes f iber optic light painting tools create a light and whisky brush stroke like no other light painting tool. Material that is used to protect an optical fiber or cable from physical damage Termination and splicing equipment for fiber optics include tools or kits for . Determination can vary greatly based on a technicians’ experience, eyesight, lighting, and the inspection tools used. Aerial fiber optic cable is a type of fiber optic cables that is usually used for outside installation on poles. This tremendous growth is driven in part by the rapid increase in Internet-connected devices and the use of data-heavy applications such as video on demand. As an dispensable tool for fiber outside plant (OSP) and indoor cable network installation, fiber fusion splicers are widely used in optic network installation. We offer tools for a large variety of different types of fiber processing: This includes the stripping of fiber claddings, the cleaning and cleaving of fibers, and splicing or polishing, depending on the application. Fiber optic splicing is an important method of joining two fiber optic cables together. While this process is not new, it is growing in importance as  The frequency of problems caused by fiber optic tools is high: their poor Most contractors own termination equipment for multimode fiber as it is used on most  High quality fiber strippers, fiber cleavers, cable slitters, mid-access tools, cable pulling tools and more from 3M, Corning, Ripley Tools, Greenlee, Paladin Tools  “With fiber optic cabling, we may have to reboot the entire concept of low-voltage structured Specific tools needed depend on termination procedure used. We don't just sell products, we design solutions! MTI Instruments offers large measurement range and standoff distance fiber-optic measurement sensors and probes that provide ultra-sensitive linear output response. The optical fiber elements are typically individually coated with plastic layers and contained in a protective tube suitable for the environment where the cable will be Canada Cable Tools is a distributor for tools, products and equipment specifically for Networking, Cable TV, Satellite, telephone, Security and Fiber Optics. There are different types of fiber optic cable connections that are used for different methods of data transfer. Attenuators are usually used when the signal arriving at the receiver is too strong and hence may overpower the receiving elements. 99 $ 39. Cable Fiber Drop Cable Strippers Quick Assemble Fiber Optic Kits Heat Absorber Heatsink Tweezers Safety Glasses Syringes Electrician Scissors Scribers Heat Oven Cable Hanger Racks Light Emitter for E-Series Fiber Cables Fiber Cleaver Fiber Optic Test Kits Fiber Optic Visual Fault Locator Crimping Tools Crimping Tool (Ratchet Type Frame Only) Stripper Everything you need to build, maintain and repair a fiber optic cable network is available at GAOTek. Fiber Optic Strippers Choose from Specialized Products' selection of fiber optic strippers and cable stripping tools which include various styles of cable strippers to fit your needs. When it comes to aerial fiber optic cable installation or deployment, here are two choices for the aerial cables: loose tube cable and ADSS (all-dielectric self-supporting) cable. leoni-fiber-optics. fiber-optic light source. Optical fibers, like electrical communications cable, may need to be tested to measure certain performance characteristics. City Build was founded in 2002 by Robert Juarez and is a Minority/Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (M/DBE) and & HUB certified business. Solar fiber optic lighting setups are an alternative to traditional indoor lights using fiber optic technology. Shop fiber optic cables, patch panels, termination kits, testers, enclosures and more. The second hole strips the 600-900 micron buffer coating down to the 250 micron coating and the third hole is used to strip the 250 micron cable down to the glass fiber without nicks or scratches. There are splicing fiber optic tools, test fiber optic tools and  The TK-120 Fiber Prep Kit provides an array of tools needed to access and used to store tools and includes additional pockets for extra tools, connectors and   Fiber Optic termination kits are an important item for any optic cable installer. 2 - 3. Splicing fiber optic tool is used in the fiber optic splicing which is to melt the bare optical fiber together. Products Used In Training. Fiber cables are used for data storage as well as transmission. How SFP Cable Is Used? As 10G network is widely deployed in today’s data center, 10G SFP cables are commonly used in interconnect applications below 100m, such as server to switch or storage to switch interconnection in the same rack (Shown in the below picture). Fiber optic cable can be used above or below ground and is an excellent choice for use in or around water or anywhere heat or electricity is a concern. Used & New Fiber Optics & Fiber Optic Test Equipment for sale Top quality Fiber Optic Equipment at deep discounts… BMI Surplus stocks an extensive inventory of New and Used Fiber Optic Equipment & Fiber Optic Accessories. An 8-position, 8-conductor modular connector that is most often used for data networks such  The Combination Cleaning Method can be used with our fiber optic cleaning kits As with all fiber optic cleaning tools, it is most effective when used as a part of  Master Splice Tool Kit . Fiber Optic Cable Tools range from fiber optic stripping & removal tools, to high-volume Fusion Splicers and Markertek carries them all! Whether you need to terminate/repair a single fiber optic connector or manufacture fiber cables for your entire facility, we have the fiber optic cable tools you need to get it done fpm-50: jonard fiber optic power meter An intelligent fiber optic power meter designed to measure wavelengths with high precision. Various size cables are available for various applications. These fiber-optic tools range from fiber-optic testing equipment to splicing tools. Fiber optic patch cable, also known as fiber jumper or fiber optic patch cord. Some of the most popular uses of fiber optic cables are listed below. 01 mm in diameter for glass and 0. Fiber optic cables transmit large amounts of data at very high speeds. Make sure to invest in fiber optic tools you can depend on, and get the job done right the first time, every time. 6-3 mm fiber jacket down to the 600-900 micron buffer coating. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Black housing, clear lens. Fiber optic cables have their own wire strippers and cutters. These tools and equipment are provided by top quality fiber optic brands including Miller, Ideal & Paladin. The OTDR Launch Fiber box is used with Optical Time Domain Reflectometry(OTDRs) to help minimize the effects of the OTDRs launch pulse on measurement uncertainty. IIRC optical We are interested in buying Surplus Fiber Optic Cables & Optical Telecom Products by the “entire lots” and/or “line items”. Duct and cable packs must be selected for the blower to customize it to your project. Fiber Optic Cables Are the Way of the Future for Cable and The Internet. When you have deployed a fiber optic cable in the field and it is damaged or cut you either; need to have a spare cable, a fusion splicing unit with a trained operator, or wait for a new cable to be sent from the factory. Alibaba. 1 x Fiber Cleaver FC-6S. Typical cleaning fiber optic tools include fiber optic cleaners for connectors and ferrules, alcohol and wipes, etc. Fiber optic Internet is the future of broadband. this was used by the military. Connector Heat Ovens. Our selection of fiber optic tools and equipment includes fiber optic cleavers, fusion  Splicing is also used to restore fiber optic cables when a buried cable is accidentally severed. New Fiber Optic Development Tools available at Mouser Electronics. Fiber Optic Cable Pullers consist of a hydraulic motor, variable speed foot control, manual flow control valve for adjusting maximum speed and a manually adjustable pressure relief valve for adjusting the ultimate pull tension. Shop Cable Stripper, Fiber Optic, 250 to 125µm by Jonard Tools (JIC-125) at Graybar, your trusted resource for Cable and Wire Strippers and other Jonard Tools products. Both the 180XL visual fault locator (VFL) and the Fiber Optic Cable Repair Kits. 99. Hefei Xingcheng Communications Co. 5(a). The TK-350 Fiber Kit with Kevlar Cutter includes the JIC-375 Fiber Optic Stripper Three Hole, JIC-186 Ergonomic Fiber Optic Kevlar Cutter, and the convenient H-60 Molded Two Tool Pouch with a convenient metal clip. Color Changing Fiber Optic Fabric: At about $150 a yard and with plenty of cutting limitations, fiber optic fabric on the market isn't the most accessible material. Fiber Optic Center offers the best solutions for manufacturing fiber optic cable assemblies. 2 million km (0. Fiber Optic Cable Types. We have testers for telephone line, HDMI cable, network cable, fiber, OTDR, buried facility location and more, ready to ship. Optical Loss Testing (2). Fiber optic microscopes are used to inspect connectors to check the quality of the termination procedure and diagnose problems. com - an alphabetical glossary of fiber optic terms. Fiber optic cables are also used for imaging and lighting and as sensors to monitor and measure a vast array of variables. Among the various types of fiber connector, SC and LC are two of the most commonly used connectors. Learn about the different fiber optic cabling technologies including singlemode There are two basic types of optical cable used for data and communications,  Fiber Optic cables & connectors come in many different varieties. DS-60-C Diamond-Tip Fiber Optic Scribe Quality fiber optic scribes featuring a protective retractable barrel with pocket clip and a stainless steel mounted diamond tip in your choice of conical or wedge shapes These scribes are specially made for Fiber Optic Tools, test equipment and patch panels at economical prices. Available in both white and black. OFS tools 1050B an Through Corporate Citizen, Fiber Optic Center brings greater awareness and support to the causes we care so deeply about. In fiber optic communication, multiplexing is considered to be the principal means for the expansion of existing fiber network engineering. you know what these cost new. With the carry bag for you when need to use this Fiber Optic FTTH Tool Kit to work outdoors. Condux is our main source for all off our Fiber Optic Equipment. Three hole Fiber Optic Stripper model performs all common fiber stripping functions. Right now, fiber-optic cable is used primarily for connecting network segments, making short runs, and connecting buildings and floors; it isn’t used for complete network wiring. Do you have the right tool for the right job? - The right tools, in the right sizes with the right features. , Experts in Manufacturing and Exporting Fiber Optic Tools Kits, Fiber Optic Splitter and 29509 more Products. It is commonly used in fiber optic splice closure, fiber distribution box and fiber optic enclosure providing a safe and well-managed environment for fiber optic splices. $39. The best source on the Internet for cabling and connectivity products: fiber optic testers, reference cable, fiber optic test kit, fiber optic light source, cable fault  The Fiber Optic Connector and Splicing Module was designed to be used as a . Welcome to the most trusted and comprehensive Telecommunications Equipment: Fiber Optic directory on the Internet. Figure 1: Fiber offers more bandwidth and more flexibility than alternatives at a similar price, such as coax cable. Precision Polishing Inc. At Fiber Savvy you can find everything you need to prep and install fiber optic cable in the field. When the bought the building they left behind A TON of fiber equipment and cabling. Optical connectors are used for connection between network devices at data centers and for the connection of fiber optic cable to equipment on customer premises (e. Learn More about New Fiber Optic Development Tools at Mouser Electronics. Shop our inventory of Fiber Optic Tools online. The Jonard Tools JIC-375 Three Hole Fiber Optic Stripper performs all common fiber stripping functions. General Machine Products Company recently introduced reel-handling accessories for the aerial and underground placement of fiber-optic cable. While traditional copper networks have been around for decades, fiber networks are Fiber optic light guides are bundles of optical fibers used for the controlled deliver of light. Recycling your excess Surplus Fiber Optic Cables & Optical Telecom Products is a “Win-Win-Win” situation, a Win for you, a Win for us and a Win for the future buyer. Information on wireless LANs and guidelines for installing cable are also provided. 1,2 These fibers can be as small as 0. 4" nominal using hydraulic drive systems to deliver remote power. is a leading US based supplier of test and measurement equipment for fiber optic, telecommunications, networks, PSTN, CATV, environment, chemical and bio-medical test and measurement instruments. If you are not sure what you need to complete your job, please call us and we would be happy to help you! Fiber splice tray is a simple and easy component to provide space and protection of fiber optic splices done by fusion splicing or mechanical splicing. The single and multimode step-index fiber cables are the simpplest types of fiber optic cables. High quality fiber strippers, fiber cleavers, cable slitters, mid-access tools, cable pulling tools and more from 3M, Corning, Ripley Tools, Greenlee, Paladin Tools and more. Fiber Optic Sensing Applications Optical fibers find applications beyond electronic data cable replacement, though, which means they will be a growing presence in the field of industrial instrumentation above and beyond their use as serial data communication cables. go ahead look on ebay. Both the fiber-optic cable and the tools attached to it are controlled by a qualified physician. In this video, FOA shows the three most common tools used to strip optical fiber for splicing or terminates and demonstrates how each is used. Fiber cables rated at 10 Gbps, 40 Gbps, and 100 Gbps are standard. We have everything from fiber optic cables and assemblies to fusion slicers, fiber optic lasers to fiber optic illuminators. Adapter and 36 in. Our main types of Fiber Blowing Equipment are Fiber Blowers, Duct Packs, Cable Packs, Portable Hydraulic Power Packs, Micro Duct instillation kits and many accessories. Tribrer Ftth Fiber Optic Tools Kit With Fiber Cleaver,Power Meter,Vfl , Find Complete Details about Tribrer Ftth Fiber Optic Tools Kit With Fiber Cleaver,Power Meter,Vfl,Fiber Optic Tools,Ftth Tool Kit,Fiber Optic Tool Kit from Fiber Optic Equipment Supplier or Manufacturer-Zhejiang Tribrer Communication Technology Limited Fiber optic transceivers and fiber optic converters are used to transform the signals between fiber optic format and other format. Purchase a new, used, or refurbished fiber optic connector cleaner, cleaning kit, test kit, polishing kit, or cleaning wipes to keep your fiber optic equipment in working order. While this process is not new, it is growing in importance as our our dependence on the capacity and other benefits of fiber optics surges. 2 X 2 in. At FOC, we have focus on both the Production and the Field Test and inspection. They tend to be more rigid, and transmit well in both the visible and near-infrared (near-IR) regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. To make the work easier, there are fiber optic tool kits which put together a certain type of fiber optic tools into the kit. We have compiled for best tools for our engineer & technician peers. Thorlabs offers the following tools used to install connectors on single mode and multimode optical fiber. Vacuum or pressure bushings can be built along the fiber optic probe buncle, or even on the probe tip itself allowing the Fotonic Sensor to be used in pressure/vacuum applications. Fiber Optic Area Backlight with 5/8 in. Fiber Optic Attenuators Fiber optic attenuators are devices which reduce (attenuate) the strength of a fiber optic signal within a fiber optic network. Powered by fiber optic technology, fiber Internet is blowing its competitors out of the water. , Experts in Manufacturing and Exporting Fiber Optic Tools Kits, Fiber Optic Splitter and 29635 more Products. They can also be used to locate faults or broken fibers (micro bends) in the cable routing. Uses of Fiber Optic Cables. The first hole of this Fiber Optic Stripper strips the 1. is a large volume, stocking distributor of specialty abrasives and products used across a myriad of industries. All fibre optic products include a Warranty and Money-Back Guarantee. fiber optic Cable stripper Tools. Learn about fiber optic basics, fiber, jargon, cable, termination, network, estimation, testing, training, and glossary. So check out this list of 10 best Fiber Optic Wire Cutters and Strippers We carry many different Fiber Optic Pullers, Blowers and Accessories to fit your job needs. 25mm to 3mm and Solid cores from 1/8" to over 1/2". Also using fiber optic module is safer in terms of Internet security, because intercepting data transmissions by tapping copper cable is less complicated than tapping on fiber optic cable. With a Riser rating, this cable can be used in all environments: Riser, general inside plant and   Activation Tool and the fiber tip polished with the 3M™ Crimplok™+ 3M™ LC Hot Melt Expansion Kit 6650-LC is used in addition to the 6366/6362 hot melt  Fiber Optic Tools and Supplies Click Here> for Fiber Optic Splice Technical Brochure P/N 20126 UVC Optical Splice used for preinstalling pigtails. FiberOptic. Fiber Optic Monitoring. Some uses of fiber optic cables include: Medical Used as light guides, imaging tools and also as lasers for surgeries ; Defense/Government This strong cable cutter can be used for cutting almost all kinds of fiber optic cables. Although fiber optic cabling is generally perceived as being more secure than conventional cabling, fiber tapping incidents continue to challenges authorities and fiber monitoring system capabilities. Tecra Tools offers a large selection of fiber optic tool kits and fiber optic supplies. Fiber Scribes. Unjackted from . , different multiplexing techniques are possible to be used in increasing the data carrying capacity of a single optical fiber. used fiber optic tools

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