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15 kernel for better support, hardware set zfs:zfs_arc_max = 21474836480 This means that I have set a maximum limit for the zfs arc to 20GB (21474836480 Bytes). This state information is displayed by using the zpool status command. Unmap the HBA from OI and make it available for proxmox host. conf Problem is, I couldn't seem to figure out where these "tunables" go on ZFS on Linux. ZFS will do everything it can to keep your data safe, and then after that it http:// fibrevillage. I was trying to replicate some performance tuning I'd done successfully on BSD, where "tunables" are added to /boot/loader. cache_flush_disable=1 but zfs is just not working fast enough. That may sound like a strange use case, but is there a way to access a ZFS volume directly through an LXC container or a Qemu VM with Proxmox? I'd like to have incremental backups pushed to my guest on my server from my computer. Partial record writes require that data be read from either ARC (cheap) or disk (expensive). ZFS supports real-time the compression modes of lzjb, gzip, zle & lz4. Then I created some NFS Shares on Proxmox and connected to them via RemoteMount Plugin in OMV. 2 years later I’m in a room with 30 other students at a University applying for the same computer lab assistant job–I’m thinking my chances are grim. At STH, we use Proxmox VE in part of our infrastructure. security and tuning (Pro complete) ProxMox VE 3. " Butt simple Proxmox NFS setup for backups Posted by Viktor Basso 20/02/2015 Leave a comment on Butt simple Proxmox NFS setup for backups In this butt simple tutorial you have 1 Proxmox server and 1 backup server. Dalam penggunaan produksi ZFS terutama ketika menggunakan ZFS asli bawaan dari default proxmox, salah satu gejala yang bisa terjadi adalah Server Anda akan kehabisan memo The KVM host is Proxmox 3. 1 QEMU disk cache mode; 2. It writes the metadata for a file to a very fast SSD drive to increase the write throughput of the system. Step two (not sure when that would be): shutdown all the guests, including OI. IIRC the only fly in the Proxmox ointment is that it expects all the nodes in a cluster to be identically configured, so you may not want to add your file server to your existing cluster. The installer will auto-select the installed disk drive, as shown in the following ZFS block size (record size): Taking into count the above statement that for each block of deduplication it needs 320 bytes of memory, you would need to keep an eye on the block used by the system and make the maths to ensure you’re not losing data / the pool. timeout=5 vfs. ZOL is a bit different with Solaris ZFS now, and now still focusing on functionality rather than performance(as of Oct. The installer will auto-select the installed disk drive, as shown in the following Automating zfs snapshots of proxmox using Sanoid 1 December, 2016 Slowly ZFS on Linux is becoming the mainstream file system, however its more then just a file system, its a (software) raid, it allows for snapshots, compression, deduplication, … its pretty cool, and I’m in love with it. The PC-BSD® Disk Manager can be used to manage ZFS pools and datasets ZFS options are described in man zfs and you should not change any options. For simplicity, I’m going to use qcow2 images on a zfs dataset as it’s the simplest option. cache right now and it can handle 1GbE out of the box without tuning. zfs. I’ll write a separate post about file-system tuning in a Btrfs is a modern copy on write (CoW) filesystem for Linux aimed at implementing advanced features while also focusing on fault tolerance, repair and easy administration. I'm also experimenting with a two-node proxmox cluster, which has zfs as backend local storage and Or you can follow the tuning guide here:. required. 2 LXC with ACL on ZFS; 2. 3 nun mit ZFS Plugin ein iSCSI Target oder eine NFS-Freigabe oder dann eben sogar nativ ZFS in Proxmox ein. ZFS datasets use an internal recordsize of 128KB by default. Proxmox VE as of version 3. Proxmox VE host is a T420 with a E5-2420 cpu and 24GB of ecc ram. I spent hours each day experimenting with Linux–I loved it. GitHub is home to over 36 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Whole disks. html; Create a zfs pool:. Support Phoronix. ZFS provides an integrated method of examining pool and device health. If you know you have larger files as default or you want to lock down ZFS Device level prefetch tuning. In the preceding screenshot, we selected zfs (RAID1) for mirroring, and the two drives, Harddisk 0 and Harddisk 1, to install Proxmox. That means one can, from the initial installer, configure a ZFS mirror to boot from using Proxmox VE which is a feature very few Linux distributions have at this point. 00). Ok We are going to select the ZFS mirror or RAID1, for the purpose of this book, in order to create a demo cluster from scratch. Start it. Other than that I unfortunately lack experience with zfs as virtual media store. com/storage/171-zfs-on-linux-performance-tuning. Proxmox comes with everything you need to start using ZFS, making use of the ZFS on Linux library. write_limit_override=1073741824 vfs. At this point, to change the global parameters of the controller, you will need to disable authentication on the controller: Unraid is an operating system for personal and small business use that brings enterprise-class features letting you configure your computer systems to maximize performance and capacity using any combination of applications, VMs, storage devices, and hardware. Adding a ZFS pool itself is no issue though. I was trying to replicate some performance tuning I'd done Jul 16, 2019 ZFS is a combined file system and logical volume manager designed by Sun Microsystems. To add ZFS storage devices, go to the Storage Menu in the Top to define the ZFS volumes. Starting with Proxmox VE 3. Feb 1, 2019 Until ZFS, virtually all filesystems used the Least Recently Used (LRU) page replacement algorithm in which the least recently used pages are  Jan 31, 2017 The more difficult part of ZOL is the fact that there are plenty of tune able kernel module parameters, and hence ZFS can be used in many kinds  Jan 26, 2017 Lets start out with saying that ZFS on Linux (ZoL) is pretty awesome, Long story short, I looked for some tuning options, as the defaults most  Interestingly, the tuning above is for FreeBSD, from ZFSguru, which is written by someone who I believe posts on this forum every now and then  Since ZFS was ported to the Linux kernel I have used it constantly on my storage server. 4, the native Linux  Sep 19, 2017 r/zfs: for suggestions on both zfs tuning itself, as well as better methods of testing. Next, I'll mention that the combination of the iozone's block size and ZFS' recordsize can have a large impact on performance. ZFS or Ceph) you need to use The Proxmox ZFS plugin will only allow storing disk images and containers, so we're going to add a normal directory for the backups and ISO storage volumes. ProxMox VE 3. ZIL (ZFS Intent Log) drives can be added to a ZFS pool to speed up the write capabilities of any level of ZFS RAID. In 1998 my friend gave me a RedHat Linux CD. Even under extreme workloads, ZFS will not benefit from more SLOG storage than the maximum ARC size. FreeBSD is a free Unix-like operating system descended from Research Unix via the Berkeley However, the FreeBSD project is still developing and improving its ZFS implemention via the OpenZFS project. Whole disks should be given to ZFS rather than partitions. [email protected]:~# lxc-attach -n 100 lxc-attach: attach. lxc-attach -n 100. Proxmox VE 5. Using Bacula Enterprise Edition, Backups – and, of course, restores – are created using ZFS snapshots, which ensures not only consistency of a file system being backed up, but also provides the capability to back up and restore exported volumes, which do not necessarily contain a file system used on the storage appliance itself. Now to wait for the coffee rush. in Proxmox networking tab you should see the eth0 interface with IP and all other info. FreeNAS uses ZFS to store all your data. What is Virtio? Under Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) infrastructure, “Virtio” was selected to be the primary platform for I/O virtualization. FreeBSD zfs 2 disk mirror I replaced a dead hdd and somehow it renamed ada0 to ada1 . 2014), so there are some room to play. ZFS has a bunch of features that ensures all your data will be safe but not only that it has some very effective read and write caching techniques. We recently added a testing server that had Proxmox – Delete Disk Image on ZFS storage – Stop Running Proxmox Tasks nbeam published 3 years ago in Containers , Disk Administration , Linux , ProxMox , Storage , Virtual Administration , Virtualization , ZFS . The mission at Phoronix since 2004 has centered around enriching the Linux hardware experience. org - free ZFS NAS SAN Server with user editable web-gui // All In One server = virtualized ready to run ZFS-Server. The write cache is called the ZFS Intent Log (ZIL) and read cache is the Level 2 Adjustable Replacement Cache (L2ARC). In addition to supporting our site through advertisements, you can help by subscribing to Phoronix Premium. ZFS uses 2 write modes: * asynchronous writes, when data is being written to RAM, and flushed later to the pool. 4 has had ZFS support that can be enabled at the time of installation. That is half of system memory on Linux and 3/4 of system memory on illumos. 4, the native Linux kernel port of the ZFS file system is introduced as optional file system and also as an additional selection for the root file system. txg. Hey all, Recently I converted to freenas for my storage, here's what I wish I knew before I went down that route (so others know): 1. For this, I'd be happy to have zfs send|receive enabled on my guest linked to my host's ZFS pool. 4 is derived from the latest Debian Stretch (9. " This website uses cookies to allow us to see how the site is used. The initial price point of EMC & NetApp is not too bad in some cases, agreed. Feb 24, 2018 ZFS is a mature piece of software, engineered by file- and 32GB, 2x1Gbps) running Debian Linux and Proxmox/KVM for virtualization. HowTo : Add Log Drives (ZIL) to Zpool. For example you can have few nodes, each one will have own LVM or ZFS… Proxmox VE ZFS Part 4 Creating Pool After Installation: Proxmox VE ZFS Part 5 Adding More Disks to ZFS Pool: Proxmox VE ZFS Part 6 replacing Failed Disk Email Notification Memory limit: Proxmox VE ZFS Storage Part 1 Introduction: Proxmox VE, clustering and DRBD shared storage with High Availability Part 1: Proxmox VE, clustering and DRBD shared So did you have a working Proxmox setup on Debian already ? Can it (your Debian server and thus Proxmox) access the internet? if answer is yes than you are half way there. org/debian. Too many features to list. Join GitHub today. ZFS was chosen and installed using Proxmox installer - so nothing should be crippled by me :). -ZFS file system and FreeNAS -Virtualization – VMware ESXi, Proxmox VE, XenServer (Citrix Hypervisor) and Hyper-V I performed configuration tuning between the CounterPoint application Proxmox Latest Tweets RT @DynFi: ToDoo avec son logiciel #dynfi participe a la convention #systematic et va pousser les projets de #cybersecurite à leur plus hau… Compression, checksumming, unlimited snapshots, etc, etc. To add the available disks, click on + sign and add the disks. I am using a Proxmox server for this. Support for multiple storage types: ZFS, NFS, CIFS, LVM, iCSI, Cepth, . 3 and up) can't be imported due a Feature Flag not still implemented on ZFS for Linux (9. ReiserFS vs ext4 vs XFS vs ZFS vs Btrfs – Linux filesystems compared June 20, 2011 by Administrator 21 Comments If you’re a Linux user, you’ve likely been asked at some point if you want Ext3, Ext4, XFS, ReiserFS, Btrfs, or one of many other filesystem acronyms. After a reboot (and RAM-Upgrade at the same time), the memory graph clearly shows that the ARC size (represented by CACHES in the graph) has hit 20GB, but never went above it: Tugas ini didedikasikan untuk tugas mata kuliah Arsitektur dan Organisasi Komputer dengan bimbingan Bapak Dosen Rudi Hermawan, M. Pd Universitas Indraprasta P Jika ZFS memakan memori Anda. Back Up and Restore Exported Volumes. Next, add a new name for your volume, Here I’ve defined as tecmint_pool. . Proxmox is a commercial company offering specialised products based on Debian GNU/Linux, notably Proxmox Virtual Environment and Proxmox Mail Gateway. The products are offered as free downloads with paid-for support and subscription options. You can store up to 12To of data on top quality hardware and share them on all your systems (Windows, Mac, Unix, iSCSI, …). Currently you  To use TRIM in a virtual machine together with Proxmox, the following conditions must be met: A thin-provisioned backing storage (qcow2, thin-lvm, zfs, . Home Lab: Migrating from ESX to Proxmox May 8, 2019 May 8, 2019 by Jacob Rutski I recently converted my home lab virtualization environment from vSphere\ESX to Proxmox and documented some of the useful tools and commands I used to do so. まだfdiskとzfsとzpoolを少しくらいしか出来ませんが。。。 esxi上の仮想freenasで作成したzfs(iscsiで共有。勿論異なるNW。mtu 9000。)を同じ筐体の仮想Windowsで使用するより、proxmoxで作成したzfs(iscsi使わないローカル共有?)の方が高速だね。 Hey all, Has anyone had success with this? I know the MythTV guide says there is no need for any fancy RAID setups, and just to use individual disks, but I already have a 32TB FreeNAS box, and would rather leverage the free space I have on that box, than buy a bunch of individual disks just for MythTV. So I'm using proxmox and have a few hard drives mounted to /mnt/hdd1, /mnt/hdd2 etc I use mergerfs so that they all show up as one drive I've used OpenIndiana+ZFS, freeBSD+ZFS and Ubuntu/Debian+ZFS and in all cases the performance of a 6-disk raidz2 could saturate gigabit 2-3 times over which is more than enough for what we need. Native ZFS for Linux on Proxmox. If you use proxmox (Debian), you do not need a terminal. Sep 12, 2018 DRBD-arrays. If a workload needs more, then make it no more than the maximum ARC size. This is my first attempt to create a zfs pool manually under Proxmox. 2 deprecates the zfs_arc_max kernel parameter in favor of user_reserve_hint_pct and that’s cool. I've ran Proxmox as my file server in addition to virtualization duties. Solaris 11. We are going to select the ZFS mirror or RAID1, for the purpose of this book, in order to create a demo cluster from scratch. Combining both KVM virtualization and container virtualization, Proxmox VE allows you to easily manage virtual machines, storage, virtualized networks, and HA clustering with an intuitive web interface. Because any zfs pool can be read by any OS with zfs support, and the pool is totally controller/hba agnostic, Raidz1 is a lot more resilient than hardware raid5, and due to the architecture of zfs, write hole problems and other controller problems are mitigated or eliminated entirely. 0" or using CIDR notation "/24" napp-it. 2 and down can be imported without problem), So please revise what feature Flags have your pool beforo to try to import on OMV Proxmox Mail Gateway is a mail gateway with anti-spam and anti-virus features. Jointly developed at multiple companies , Btrfs is licensed under the GPL and open for contribution from anyone. The main advantage of Proxmox is the fact that this open-source system enables us to create and manage virtual machines with a clear interface. Dec 19, 2018 I'm considering installing Proxmox and using it as a ZFS file server. It's the support contracts that get you. The server also handles client connections with it’s built in NFS service. Install/Setup Proxmox 5. Performance and tuning. Then just go ahead and. A generic piece of advice on tuning. 00. This page suggests that ZFS "tunables" can go in /etc/modprobe. ZFS and GlusterFS network storage. You can use PROXMOX_PASSWORD  . Only thing I am wondering if this can be caused by the SSD drives which are not from Fujitsu as this was the only way ho to add SSDs to the machine. Did ZFS tuning 5 years ago, see the link ZFS configuration and tuning example on SUN Fire x4540, Now turning them to Linux after warranty expired, so time to do tuning again. This will be fun (tuning the system), because I use zfs with proxmox and zfs on top of zvol ))) In fact, I do not trust any other filesystems (extX, xfs, btrfs) than zfs, so, I force this kind of "strange" configuration (zfs on top of zvol) instead of using xfs/ext4 on top of zvol. recordsize can be set to any power of 2 from 512 bytes to 128 kilobytes. Jun 6, 2019 2. c: lxc_attach: 710 failed to get the init pid This is the Linux container (LXC) way of saying : the container is not running … The fix is complex, but ill share it anyway. In my new homelab migration to Proxmox I came across a bug that will prevent you from being able to mount all your ZFS mount points and be a pain in the ass even more if you host containers in that folder. I used the following guide: Physical disk to kvm - Proxmox VE ZFS performance on the disks that I had passed through, was the same as the ZFS performance directly on the host. Dalam penggunaan produksi ZFS terutama ketika menggunakan ZFS asli bawaan dari default proxmox, salah satu gejala yang bisa terjadi adalah Server Anda akan kehabisan memori dalam waktu singkat, sehingga kita harus melakukan ZFS Tuning high memory. At the end of this tutorial you will be able to build a free and open source hyper-converged virtualization and storage cluster. Specify the target host of the Proxmox VE cluster. This file does not exist on my Proxmox install. I have no hands-on experience with Proxmox, but it should be standard ZFS behavior. Why You Should Have a Homelab. 168. conf. As such we use ZFS on Linux for reasons similar to yours (better package management and generally easier to use for my skillset). ZFS on Linux here!! Did use OpenSolaris for years, but didn't fancy the closed shop from Oracle! ZFS does indeed load balance reads, but what it doesn't do is read the same data twice, so when it reads a block from a 2 disk mirror vdev, it reads it from one of the disks, not both. Specify the password to authenticate with. 0 Beta Being a college student is awesome because you get access to all this software for FREE! I was fortunate to have access to VMware products for free and I love playing with those tools. ZFS is quite reasonably configured by default, however there are a few useful knobs to adjust to both workload and hardware. The health of a pool is determined from the state of all its devices. A (hopefully) fool-proof guide on how to install a Windows 10 installation on Proxmox VE. FreeNAS was designed to run from a USB stick, therefore all writes and other stuff goes to the array or memory. 255. und schau dir dann noch den Punkt KVM Tuning auf ZFS - Proxmox VE an. Jul 12, 2017 Check any ZFS tuning guide and the gist will be "just buy more RAM or create an . Tuning. I created some ZFS datasets on Proxmox, and configured a network bridge (without briding ports - so like a "virtual network", in my case 192. “Virtio” can be seen as an abstraction driver and provides a common API. us with improved control on our hosted VE and allow easy tuning and management. Sun invested a lot of money and built enterprise grade appliances around it for a decade. Proxmox VE has a killer feature: the ability to set up a bootable ZFS zpool for the Debian-based hypervisor solution. With ZFS on Proxmox you will realized a very huge disk speed advantage within your virtual machines. The Idiot installs Windows 10 on Proxmox. OSNet Mini NAS is a new storage device based on the famous FreeNAS ® system. GlusterFS comes in two parts: Server – the server is used to perform all the replication between disks and machine nodes to provide a consistent set of data across all replicas. I want ZFS because I know ZFS & ZFS doesn't lock me into storage. Now we just need to add our container to the proxmox ha-manager : ha-manager add ct: 100 --max_relocate = 3 --max_restart = 3 PROFIT Performance and tuning To automatically resolve the situation with the split-brain, add the following options to the controller: linstor controller drbd-options--after-sb-0pri = discard-zero-changes LSI 9202-16e 6Gbps SAS HBA low profile P20 IT mode firmware ZFS FreeNAS unRAID Listed for sale are Dell (Dell P/N: WPXP6) branded LSI 9202-16e host bus adapters (HBA) cards that I flashed to IT (Initiator Target) firmware version P20 (specifically 20. Jika ZFS memakan memori Anda. The dataset recordsize is the basic unit of data used for internal copy-on-write on files. Proxmox uses a GPT partition table for all ZFS-root installs, with a protective MBR, so we want to clone a working disk's partition tables, copy the GRUB boot partition, copy the MBR, and rerandomize the GUIDs before letting ZFS at the disk again. The video tutorial explains the installation of a distributed Ceph storage on an existing three node Proxmox VE cluster. Perfomance and tuning. In general the ARC consumes as much memory as it is available, it also takes care that it frees up memory if other applications need more. lxc-start -n 100. I have done the same before to build a nested Proxmox cluster on one box, to test the ZFS replication/HA features. For this setup I am using 2 spare 1 TB disks that can be tested with. 8) packages while switching to the Linux 4. Hi Guys, Been trying to roll out a zfs-based storage system at work for the past few weeks now for VMs running on a proxmox cluster. 2) with zfsonlinux. tl;dr ZFS has a very smart cache, the so called ARC (Adaptive replacement cache). 1 with the standard Debian Wheezy linux image (3. We know the mount point of the ZFS array (/my-zfs-pool) so it's an easy workaround. If all works fine & expected, you must see your ZFS icon: Now you have 2 possible paths, 1- Import your existing Pool ( use option in ZFS menu) ; remember that latest FreeNAS pools (9. PROFIT. Install the zfs tools/modules and import the pool to proxmox. Rootmanual:Proxmox Instructions for managing and using our setup of Proxmox. I only have one proxmox machine that has lots of storage and the disks on that one are passed through directly. d/zfs. The ZFS manual currently recommends the use of lz4 for a balance between performance and compression. Proxmox is a solution that every IT administrator should be familiar with. Few time ago LINBIT released their new solution LINSTOR which is providing orchestration tool for manage multiple DRBD-arrays. . Some time ago we did a short piece on installing Proxmox VE with a mirrored (RAID 1) ZFS boot device. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Once that datastore is available, import the guests into proxmox. In the setting above, when an io size < zfs_vdev_cache_max, it will get inflated to zfs_vdev_cache_bshift, which is the base 2 logarithm of the size used to read disks, default is 16, which 64k. so it's all aligned to use 4k sectors, running in zfs raid 10 When i use iscsi or NFS from my esxi5 boxes i get huge latency still, i'm played around with zfs tuning and currently have vfs. Skip to content » Zfs nvme tuning. 1. Zfs nvme tuning Proxmox VE 5. Follow the steps on http://zfsonlinux. The inflated io data is stored in a 10MB LRU per-vdev cache (zfs_vdev_cache_size), which can short-cut Custom Proxmox on OVH with ZFS. ZFS supports de-duplication which means that if someone has 100 copies of the same movie we will only store that data once. ZIL This will be fun (tuning the system), because I use zfs with proxmox and zfs on top of zvol ))) In fact, I do not trust any other filesystems (extX, xfs, btrfs) than zfs, so, I force this kind of "strange" configuration (zfs on top of zvol) instead of using xfs/ext4 on top of zvol. Hi All, Used to use NAS4Free a long time ago, I want to come back after a long stint with FreeNAS and now a recent move to ZFS in pools on a  Proxmox VE is a complete virtualization management solution for servers. Enable pass-thru on proxmox and assign the HBA to the OI VM. The ZFS is one of the filesystems included in Proxmox Virtual Environment, the complete open source server virtualization management solution. 4 was released today as the server virtualization environment based on Debian and allows for easily deploying LXC containers and KVM-based virtual machines from a web-based interface. I’ll use nocache for virtual disks that need it, and writeback for those that require a lower level of crash protection. # ZFS tuning for a proxmox machine that reserves 64GB for ZFS # # Don't let ZFS use less than 4GB and more than 64GB options zfs zfs_arc_min=4294967296 options zfs zfs_arc_max=68719476736 # # disabling prefetch is no longer required options zfs l2arc_noprefetch=0 ZFS is a combined file system and logical volume manager designed by Sun Microsystems. One of the advantages of Proxmox is the ability to adapt machines to our preferences and to support UEFI and BIOS. Click "Add" again, only this time choose "Directory" instead of "ZFS. For example you can have few nodes, each one will have own LVM or ZFS… On every node install linstor-proxmox and linstor-satellite packages: apt-get -y install . 3 Example ZFS tuning for a proxmox machine that reserves 64GB for ZFS # # Don't  Apr 27, 2016 Hey all, While I've been using ZFS for years, I am completely new to it under Linux. zfs proxmox iostat. To add a ZFS volume, select ZFS Volume Manager. 0/28) between Proxmox and OMV (with VirtIO NIC). api_password. ZFS is a mature piece of software, engineered by file- and storage-system experts with lots of knowledge from practical experience. From the proxmox manual: "The choice of a storage type will determine the format of the hard disk image. Please always verify that a change has positive impact and adjust, there is no perfect universal config otherwise this would be the default anyway. 3 nun mit ZFS Plugin. your subnet based on the IP of your router is "255. There my be an issue between zfs does the copy on write and the way kvm writes to the image that causes the disks to be used in a way they don't like. Snapshots in ZFS (ZOL) ZFS quota; Create a ZFS mirror pool; Automating zfs snapshots of proxmox using Sanoid; Create a backup job on bareos; Tuning of ZFS module; A easy leap second, using Google’s public… mount: unknown filesystem type ‘zfs_member’ NETGEAR M4300, setup DHCP VLAN; full ZFS filesystem : No space left on device I have an option to use LVM thin on top of ramdrive instead of ZFS (both proxmox and docker directly support LVM thin pool as storage) and I guess it will be more efficient to use it instead of ZFS, but it is easier to manage ZFS and to use zfs send/receive for saving/restoring ramdrive to HDD. Proxmox is a Linux-based alternative to VMware for some use cases, and it’s built on Debian. In this post I will explain you howto setup Native ZFS for Linux on Proxmox. 07. This section will help you to create a shopping list of components that you need and provide you step-by-step instructions to set up a basic Proxmox cluster. -. Like I said before twice, no thanks. for the purpose of running netinst, temporarily set vlan 1 to untagged for server trunks うちでは4b2を入れて構築したんだけど、今のところzfs関連がクラッシュしたということはない。 zfs絡みは結構アップデートかかっているようだから、もう直っているかもしれませんが。 後はzfs上にコンテナ(LXC)を置いても動くようになればいいんだけどなぁ。 Biz & IT — Ars walkthrough: Using the ZFS next-gen filesystem on Linux If btrfs interested you, start your next-gen trip with a step-by-step guide to ZFS. I've been getting unexpectly slow performance out of the pools, and I've been struggling to properly identify where my shortfalls are occurring. Storages which present block devices (LVM, ZFS, Ceph) will require the raw disk image format, whereas files based storages (Ext4, NFS, CIFS, GlusterFS) will let you to choose either the raw disk image format or the QEMU image format. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are ok with this. Now we just need to add our container to proxmox ha-manager: ha-manager add ct:100 --max_relocate=3 --max_restart=3. You're clearly aware of this given that you set recordsize to 16K under ZFS and were using 16K blocks in iozone. ein iSCSI Target oder eine NFS-Freigabe oder dann eben sogar nativ ZFS in Proxmox ein. zfs tuning proxmox

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